Legal Lasso: Marijuana Businesses Might be Essential, but They’re Still at Risk

Legal Lasso

We know a lot is changing right now. We’ll be keeping an up-to-date list with the most current status for court closings and event relocations during the coronavirus pandemic.

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Essential But Still At Risk
Marijuana businesses might have “essential” status in some states, but their limited access to financial resources could mean the economic damage from efforts to contain the novel coronavirus will have a longterm effect on the industry.

ICE Releases Some At-Risk Detainees
ICE released eight of the 14 plaintiffs in a lawsuit that sought to have at-risk detainees released from the Aurora immigrant detention center.

Cannabis Industries Targeted in Burglaries
And more bad news for the cannabis industry: marijuana businesses have seen an increase in burglaries during the coronavirus pandemic. (Denver Post)

Sen. Cory Gardner in Front in Cash
Sen. Cory Gardner leads the Senate race in cash on hand, and John Hickenlooper outpaces the rest of the Democratic field.

Polis Discusses Plan for Easing Restrictions
Gov. Jared Polis said yesterday that the end of the stay-at-home orders won’t mean things are going back to normal. At least not for a long time.



Unmuted Audience Ends Court Hearing
One unanticipated problem with online court hearings: audience interruptions. A federal judge had to end a virtual conference after audience members cut disrupted the hearing with comments about the arguments or even with hold music.

How Law Firms Are Faring
Curious how other firms are doing right now? This list shows sarge law firms are responding to the pandemic with pay cuts, layoffs and furloughs. (

Relief Program Already Hit its Cap
The $349 billion Paycheck Protection Program to boost small businesses during the coronavirus economic crisis has run out of money.

Two Lawyers Found Dead in Chicago
Husband and wife attorneys were found dead in their Chicago home under “suspicious circumstances.”

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