Legal Lasso: Supreme Court Suspends Jury Trials Until June

Legal Lasso

We know a lot is changing right now. We’ll be keeping an up-to-date list with the most current status for court closings and event relocations during the coronavirus pandemic.

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No Trials Until June
Colorado Supreme Court Chief Justice Nathan Coats announced an updated, unified policy for courts across the state, ending jury trials throughout the state until June 1.

CDOC Adopts New Policies
The Colorado Department of Corrections is adopting new coronavirus mitigation measures after eight staff members and three inmates developed the virus.

Denver ‘Ineffectively’ Auditing Marijuana Industry
An auditor had a bad report for Denver’s Treasury Department, saying it’s done a poor job of auditing the marijuana industry. (Denver Post)

Colorado Readies Unemployment for Gig Workers
Colorado says it’s days away from being able to accept unemployment applications for gig workers and independent workers under the federal CARES Act.

DU Students Ask for Their Money Back
With classes online and in-person events halted, University of Denver students are petitioning the school for a tuition reduction that reflects what they’ve lost while the campus has been closed.



Voting Rights Lawsuits Heat Up
Prepare for a lot more voting rights lawsuits this election year as coronavirus disrupts many events and opportunities to weigh in on votes.

Michael Cohen to Serve Prison Sentence From Home
The federal Bureau of Prisons will release Michael Cohen from prison early, due to the coronavirus pandemic. He will serve the remainder of his sentence from home.

Law Firm Managing Partner Denies Reports His Firm is Closing
The managing partner of Pierce Bainbridge Beck Price & Hecht has denied a report that the firm is shutting down, despite an exodus of attorneys from the firm. He referred to the report as “fake news.”

Joe Exotic Asks for Support in Lawsuit
Joe Exotic, of Tiger King fame, is asking the court for a computer and law library access in order to proceed with his wrongful imprisonment lawsuit.

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