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A Civil Suit on Behalf of Elijah McClain
In case you missed it, the family of Elijah McClain filed a lawsuit against the city of Aurora and the police officers and paramedics involved in his death.

More on the Investigations into McClain’s Death 
The attorney leading Aurora’s independent investigation into Elijah McClain’s death discussed his experience handling the investigation of Michael Brown’s death in Ferguson, Missouri. Meanwhile, the Colorado Attorney General’s Office has opened an investigation into the “patterns and practices” of the Aurora Police Department.

DA Campaigns
And a campaign finance reporting deadline passed in early August. We break down the spending so far in the five biggest DA races around the state.

Court of Appeals Calls for Trial Redo
The Colorado Court of Appeals ordered a new trial in a case as a result of an El Paso County prosecutor’s misconduct in personal attacks on the witness.

Colorado Delegates Ask for Census to Continue
Colorado’s congressional delegates are urging congressional leaders to continue the census count until October. Colorado has considerable interest in the matter since our state stands to gain a delegate.


A Pressing Campaign Trail Question
With open investigations into President Donald Trump’s business dealings, Joe Biden might have a hard time avoiding the question of whether to prosecute Trump, should Biden win the White House.

Philadelphia Judge Called Out Over Mask Use
A Philadelphia judge is taking flak from a public defender group, which says the judge has refused to wear a face mask during in-person court hearings and has ordered lawyers to remove theirs.

Uber Resists Driver Classification Order
In response to a judge’s order saying rideshare companies must classify their drivers as employees, Uber is turning to its familiar strategy of stalling and using public demand to support its position.

New Lawyer Salaries Tick Up
New lawyer legal salaries hit a high point in 2019, but the pandemic is likely to prevent 2020 from repeating that. (

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