A phone displaying a digital vaccine card surrounded by syringes.

‘Natural Immunity’ Bill Dies in Committee

A bill requiring employers to accept proof of previous COVID infection in lieu of vaccination or testing was killed in committee yesterday.

Bill to Establish More Rights for Persons Protected by Conservatorships Introduced

Lawmakers introduced nine bills, including one that would establish more rights for people protected by a legal guardian or conservatorship.

Political Workers Guild of Colorado Announces Wage and Hour Increases for Legislative Aides

The PWG Colorado, a local political workers union, announced a 25% wage increase and an increase in payable hours for legislative aides.

General Assembly Passes Bill to Close Gaps in Witness Intimidation Law

The Colorado legislature on Tuesday passed a bill with strong support from prosecutors to expand the definition of witness intimidation.

Bill Introduced That Would Modify Civil Involuntary Commitment Laws

A bill was introduced this week that would make modifications to state laws around civil involuntary commitment.

Bill Requiring Elected Officials to Approve Public Health Orders During Epidemics Introduced

Lawmakers introduced a bill this week that would require elected officials to approve public health orders imposed in an epidemic.

Campaign Contributions Reporting Requirements Bill and Others Introduced

Lawmakers in the House introduced a bill that would extend deadlines to submit reports disclosing campaign contributions and expenditures.

Senate President Leroy Garcia Announces Resignation

Colorado Senate President Leroy Garcia announced on Feb. 3 he will resign from the Colorado Senate to accept a position at the Pentagon.

House and Senate Introduce a Few Heavy Hitters

Lawmakers in the House and Senate introduced bills that would extend whistleblower protections and allow Tribal governments access to state grants and benefits programs.
Colorado State Capitol

Possible Delay for Felony Sentencing Reform Bill

The co-chair of a sentencing reform task force told lawmakers a bill to overhaul felony sentencing laws might not be ready until 2023.