Legislators and Activists Urge for Strong Data Privacy Protection for Colorado Immigrants

After activists found information from immigrants' driver's licenses was being shared with immigration officials, a coalition of Colorado immigrant groups and legislators are hoping to change that with legislation
U.S. Capitol

Impeachment Trial: What You Need to Know Now

We'll update this page throughout the week with developments in former President Donald Trump's second impeachment trial.
Colorado River

Biden Administration Expected to Bring Change to Environmental Policy

Joe Biden's EPA will face a daunting task in restoring the nation’s system of environmental regulation and confronting a climate crisis.

General Assembly Passes Business Aid Bills

Colorado’s legislature wrapped up a three-day special session Dec....

US Attorney Dunn Appoints AUSA to Handle Election Problems

Colorado's United States attorney Jason R. Dunn has appointed...

Collaborative Law Bill Still Has Chance to Pass

With no definite end in sight, the Colorado legislature’s...

Attorneys React to Death Penalty Repeal

Gov. Jared Polis on March 23 signed a bill...

Oral Arguments Held in Planned Parenthood Premises Liability Case

The Colorado Supreme Court heard oral arguments March 10...

Colorado Moves Toward Limiting ‘Panic’ Defenses

A white supremacist wouldn’t be able to defend themselves...