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For the People Act Brings Sweeping Election Changes

The proposed For the People Act, if passed, would be the largest voting reform enacted into law in more than 50 years.
Colorado State Capitol Denver

Lawmakers Consider Legislation on Childhood Medical Bills

Plaintiffs’ attorneys want Colorado to abandon a common-law rule...

Bipartisan Bill Pushes for Civics Education Update

As concerns rise nationwide over the state of American...
Colorado State Capitol Denver

New Bill Would Stop Employers from Dodging Direct Negligence Claims

Colorado lawmakers have introduced a bill that proponents say...
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State Bill Would Provide Clarity in Surrogacy, Family Attorneys Say

With a bill currently before the General Assembly, Colorado is on its way to joining a growing number of states that have codified regulation of surrogacy contracts

Colorado Considers Ranked Choice Voting Experiment

A committee of the Colorado House of Representatives has...

‘We Will Get This Right’

Colorado Supreme Court Chief Justice Brian Boatright, who has...

Lawmakers Set Agenda for Shortened Session

The 73rd General Assembly resumed Tuesday with delayed opening...
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Lawmakers Set Agenda for 2021 Session

The legislative session resumed Feb. 16 with opening day speeches from presaging a session likely to see partisan fights on a range of topics
Colorado Supreme Court

Chief Justice Promises Change in State of Judiciary Address

Colorado Supreme Court Chief Justice Brian Boatright used the biennial State of the Judiciary speech to addressed allegations of misconduct within the judicial branch and promised to make them right.