Woman Wins $8.25 Million in Sexual Assault Lawsuit Against Former Sheriff

A legal battle has been sparked over who will pay an $8.25 million jury award to a developmentally disabled woman who was sexually assaulted by the former sheriff of Sedgwick County.
An image of yellow police tape which reads “Crime Scene Do Not Cross” with a background that blurs out the ground.

Colorado DAs Sound Alarm on Car Thefts

Concerns are continuing to grow for many Colorado district attorneys as car thefts rise across the state.
An envelope with a black and white logo reading official election mail

Under the Hood of Colorado’s Judicial Retention Elections

Colorado’s system for voting on judge retention is complicated, but the details matter when voters are looking to make an informed decision.

SEC Charges Former NewAge CEO with Orchestrating Multi-Year Fraud

The SEC filed charges against Brent David Willis, former CEO of New Age Beverages, alleging he engaged in multi-year fraud.
A man sits at a desk wearing a black judge’s robe with legal books behind him and an American flag.

10th Circuit Judge Tymkovich Reflects on Judicial Conference Role

The Judicial Conference of the U.S. is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year with a Colorado connection.
A white table cloth with ten blue and orange circular stickers with the message Colorado Amendment 64 10 Years Regulation Works.

What’s the Future of Legal Cannabis?: Lawmakers Reflect 10-Years After Amendment 64

Lawyers, politicians and activists gathered to mark the 10-year anniversary of Amendment 64 and discuss the future of legalization.
A woman in a yellow coat stands in front of some concrete steps. She wears glasses.

Denver City Attorney Bronson to Resign, Tipper Nominated as Replacement

Denver Mayor Michael Hancock announced Kristin Bronson will leave her role as city attorney for the City and County of Denver Nov. 2.

493 Pass July Bar Exam

More than 700 test takers took the July bar exam and 493 or around 70% passed. Lawyers who passed can join the bar after paying fees and attending a mandatory admission ceremony Oct. 31.
The 10th Circuit Court of Appeals courthouse. Two white stone big horned sheep sit on pillars in front of a white stone building with long pillars.

Jerome Holmes Replaces Timothy Tymkovich as 10th Circuit Chief Judge

Effective Oct. 1., Judge Jerome Holmes replaced Judge Timothy Tymkovich as the chief judge of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 10th Circuit.

Justice Department Will Award $57 Million to Justice System Reforms and Racial Equity Programs,...

The DOJ said it’ll award nearly $57 million to criminal justice reform and racial equity programs in the criminal justice system.