The U.S. Supreme Court Building. A large white, stone building with pillars and long steps leading up to it.

Justices Hear Colorado Web Designer’s Public Accommodation First Amendment Appeal

The case could have sweeping impacts on the legal definition of speech and the reach of class-based discrimination protections.

Help is Here: How Colorado Organizations Guide Attorneys Through Myriad of Issues

Professionals often face issues like anxiety, depression and addiction. Attorneys are no different and the pandemic isn’t helping.

Law Schools Drop U.S. News Rankings Participation, CU and DU Will Stay

Law schools are reassessing their relationships with U.S. News’ rankings but Colorado’s schools don’t plan to drop from them any time soon.

NCBE Brings Changes with NextGen Bar Exam

The NCBE will implement a new bar exam with a planned rollout in July 2026 and possible adoption of the exam in Colorado.

A Roundup of the 2022 ABA Ethics Opinions Released So Far

Law Week Colorado rounded up all the ABA formal ethics opinions released so far this year, providing a short summary of each.

2022 Election Results Impacting the Colorado Judicial Branch

What did the 2022 midterms mean for Colorado’s third branch of government?
An image of a large concrete building with multiple pillars in front. The top of the building is a dome.

Gov. Polis Presents Proposed 2023-24 Budget to Committee

Colorado Gov. Jared Polis has big plans for the 2023-24 budget including investing in safety, protecting the environment and education. 

Colorado Will Get $8.3 Million in Google Settlement Over Location Tracking Practices

Colorado and 39 other states reached a $395 million settlement with Google over misleading location tracking practices to sell targeted ads.
United States Supreme Court Building. Many stone steps lead up to a large white building with large white pillars in the front.

U.S. Supreme Court Agrees to Hear Case Over Navajo Nation Water Rights

The U.S. Supreme Court agreed to hear appeals on water rights of the Navajo Nation in a case revolving around water law and tribal law.

Colorado Supreme Court Lowers Minimum Passing Score for State Bar Exam

The state Supreme Court announced that starting in 2023, the minimum passing score of the state bar exam will be lowered from 276 to 270.