Colorado Quietly Updates, Strengthens State’s Antitrust Law

Spencer Fane partner Jacob Hollars explains recent updates to Colorado's antitrust law.

Court Opinion: 10th Circuit Court of Appeals Opinion for Aug. 21

The 10th Circuit affirmed a district court’s judgment in an antitrust case and remanded for further proceedings.

Social Media Blocking, Ranked-Choice Voting Bills Introduced

A bill introduced would allow state elected officials to block people on social media at the official's discretion.

10th Circuit to Hear State Law Questions, Colorado Antitrust Case and More Next Week

Among the more than 50 cases that will be argued are Colorado insurance law questions, a dismissed civil antitrust suit and more.

New Gig Worker Act May Raise Prices, Reduce Earnings, Damage Competition

Attorneys Jennifer Harpole and Michael Lotito explain studies that may indicate the Gig Worker Transparency Act could reduce pay and increase prices.

10th Circuit Returns for First Oral Arguments of 2023

Next week, the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals returns for oral arguments in cases around immigration law, compelled arbitration and more.

DOJ Takes Final Bite of Colorado Chicken Fixing Case

The dismissal appears to be the last chapter in a lengthy antitrust case which took place in Colorado’s federal court over several years.

Washington State Court to Review Injunction Over Albertsons’ Investor Payout, Weiser Files Amicus

AG Weiser announced his office filed an amicus brief urging a Washington State court judge to block Albertsons’ $4 billion investor payout.