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Culture, COVID, Compensation: The Anticipated Staffing Woes of 2023

Changes to the practice of law have altered everyday firm management. Three things linger: culture, COVID and compensation.

A Roundup of the 2022 ABA Ethics Opinions Released So Far

Law Week Colorado rounded up all the ABA formal ethics opinions released so far this year, providing a short summary of each.

New Partners 2022

Over the past year, more than 50 new partners were added to local firms. Congratulations to all the new partners this year!

Changes In Attorney Career Growth

Synytska of Lawrina asserts that law firms can improve the skills of their employees by being proactive about mentorship opportunities and providing e-learning.

Haynes and Boone to Move to Block 162 in 2022

Haynes Boone announced this week its Denver office will move to Block 162, the city's newest skyscraper, in the third quarter of 2022.

Michael Best Eyes Growth Outside Midwest Home

Michael Best set its sights on expansion in Colorado as part of a focus on national "hotspots" outside its original Midwest footprint