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Former San Luis Valley DA Accused in Lawsuit of Cooking Up Criminal Charges Against Political Rival

A former DA and others are accused of pursuing false embezzlement charges against a political rival, according to a federal lawsuit.

Aspen School District Sues Social Media Companies Claiming Harm to Students

A Colorado school district is suing social media companies claiming the platforms have harmed kids and left schools to pick up the pieces.

Suit Against Detectives Involved in Dismissed Murder Conviction Allowed to Proceed by 10th Circuit

The 10th Circuit ruled a civil lawsuit brought against detectives whose investigation led to a wrongful conviction may proceed.

Civil Action Against Historic Railroad for 416 Fire Closes Following Federal Settlement

For one of the case’s lead attorneys, it also wraps an fascinating chapter involving a dive into pre-statehood law, Colorado history and more.

Court Opinions: Colorado Court of Appeals Opinions for Dec. 9

The Colorado Court of Appeals issued its second opinion on Accetta v. Brooks Towers, addressing questions over using CCIOA for attorneys fees in a COA building.