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Victim Notification, Judicial Domestic Relations Training, Radon Disclosure Bills Introduced

Colorado legislators introduced a bill that would require parole boards to notify victims 15 days before granting an early discharge.

What’s In Store for the 2023 Colorado Legislative Session?

Brownstein shareholder Sarah Mercer and policy advisor Jia Meeks look ahead to the rest of the legislative session in Colorado, discussing bills we’ve already seen introduced and ones that may be coming soon.

Victim Awareness Training for Judicial Staff, Extending the Office of Public Guardianship Bills Introduced

Lawmakers appear to be hitting a stride in the early stages of the session, introducing more than 200 bills so far.

Happenings in the House This Week

This week lawmakers hit the ground running and have introduced more than 20 bills in the House of Representatives for committee consideration.

The First Few Bills Introduced to the Judiciary Committees

So far this session, lawmakers have introduced more than 20 bills to the House and Senate judiciary committees.