Justices Hear Colorado Web Designer’s Public Accommodation First Amendment Appeal

The case could have sweeping impacts on the legal definition of speech and the reach of class-based discrimination protections.

Court Opinions: Colorado Court of Appeals Opinions for Sept. 9

The Colorado Court of Appeals issued opinions in six cases on Sept. 9, including an opinion in People v. Vasquez.

A Perspective: What it’s Like Practicing Law With a Disability

With various ADA accommodations in place, what’s it like to work as an attorney with a disability in Colorado? Law Week spoke with two Denver attorneys to find out.

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The 10th Circuit upheld two district court decisions regarding a forma pauperis kidnapping case and a disability insurance case.

Technology, Language and Fees Among Barriers to Civil Justice System, Report Says

A new report, based on a listening tour of the state, sheds light on the barriers Coloradans face in accessing the civil justice system.

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The Colorado Court of Appeals weighed in on cases on June 17 including a ruling in Browne v. Industrial Claim Appeals Office.