Expert Weighs In: Colorado’s anti-SLAPP Statute

After the major settlement between Dominion and Fox News, defamation cases continue to bubble up in Colorado courts after the anti-SLAPP statute was approved by the Colorado legislature in 2019.

After Blockbuster Dominion Settlement, Experts Speak Out About Defamation Law

After a settlement of nearly $800 million in a defamation case involving Dominion Voting Systems and Fox News in April, questions arise about whether this case could be a boom in business for defamation lawyers.

1983 Colorado Tribal Libel Lawsuit Dropped Based on 1982 Libel Case

In 1983, the Southern Ute Indian Tribe’s council members decided to drop a $1.5 million libel lawsuit based on the outcome of another case.

Court Opinions: 10th Circuit Court of Appeals Opinion for Dec. 13

The 10th Circuit affirmed the sanctions ordered against the plaintiffs in the Dominion Voting Systems lawsuit.