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Adults with disabilities segregated in Colorado nursing homes, federal government says in lawsuit

Adults with disabilities are segregated in Colorado nursing homes, according to allegations in lawsuit filed by the federal government.

Real Estate Issues Arise for Cannabis Businesses

As recreational marijuana legalization continues to grow across the country, issues related to real estate and that type of business continue to pop up. 

Cannabis Law Grows

It’s been about a decade since Colorado legalized marijuana for those 21 and over.

U.S. Supreme Court Agrees to Hear Case Over Navajo Nation Water Rights

The U.S. Supreme Court agreed to hear appeals on water rights of the Navajo Nation in a case revolving around water law and tribal law.

Colorado Receives $5 Million in Multistate Suit Over Medicaid Drug Rebates

Colorado will receive $5 million in a multi-state settlement against a drug manufacturer for falsely calculating Medicaid rebates.

Trump Order Has ‘Chilling Effect’ on Diversity Training at Federal Agencies, Contractors

An executive order issued last month by President Donald Trump has already had a “chilling effect” on diversity training at companies with federal government...