U.S. Supreme Court Keeps Indian Child Welfare Act in Place

A seven-justice majority found the 1978 federal law doesn’t overstep Congressional power or illegally commandeer state resources.

Open Meetings Law Violation Remedies, State Agency Attorney Hourly Rate Bills Introduced

After a slight slump in bill activity, state lawmakers rushed to introduce a flurry of bills this past week.

With ICWA on Chopping Block, Lawmakers Introduce Colorado Version

With the U.S. Supreme Court considering ICWA, legislators have introduced a bill to codify the federal law in Colorado.

Colorado Supreme Court Heard Oral Arguments for Six Cases Tuesday-Wednesday This Week

The Colorado Supreme Court heard oral arguments for six cases Tuesday and Wednesday involving a variety of issues including the heritage of a Native American child in a dependency case, government decision making and whether someone’s right to a public trial was violated after a defendant's wife was removed from a courtroom.

Court Opinions: Colorado Court of Appeals Opinions for June 2

The Colorado Court of Appeals ruled on cases about Miranda rights, the Indian Child Welfare Act and the collateral bar rule.

Court Opinions: Colorado Court of Appeals Opinions for April 14

The Colorado Court of Appeals on Thursday published three opinions in cases involving foreclosure, nursing malpractice and the ICWA.

Court Opinions: Colorado Court of Appeals Opinions for March 10

The Colorado Court of Appeals found a department of human services didn’t “exercise due diligence” looking into a mother’s claims of Indian heritage.

Colorado Supreme Court to Hear Final Arguments of 2021

The Colorado Supreme Court will hear its final arguments of 2021 next week, including cases about securities fraud and online harassment.