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Court Opinions: Colorado Court of Appeals Reverses Decision Allowing Certain Immigrant Arrests and Detentions

The Colorado Court of Appeals found that the Colorado Constitution prohibited immigrant arrests and detentions carried out by the Teller County Sheriff’s Office in their agreement with ICE.

10th Circuit Returns for First Oral Arguments of 2023

Next week, the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals returns for oral arguments in cases around immigration law, compelled arbitration and more.

Alternatives to H-1B Visas for Entrepreneurs in a Tight Labor Market

Messner Reeves partner Amber Blasingame explores immigration solutions for businesses in a tight labor market in the U.S.

Paloma Law Hopes to Improve Access to Justice on the Ground

Erica White’s criminal and immigration defense firm hopes to serve marginalized communities and Spanish-speaking clients.

ABA and RMIAN Connect Denver Families on Immigration Court’s ‘Dedicated Docket’ with Pro Bono Representation

The ABA and RMIAN hope to make finding representation easier for those facing expedited asylum proceedings with a new pro bono portal.

DACA Dangers: Permanent Injunction Places Halt on New Applicants, Leaves Existing Applicants With Options

Another in a long line of legal challenges against DACA has brought the program to a halt, but existing DACA recipients aren’t in danger of losing support yet.

2005 Denver Shooting Led to International Incident with Mexico

In May 2005, Colorado became an epicenter in immigration controversy after a shooting took place in a Denver dance hall.

For Some Asylum Seekers, One Interview Means Staying or Immediate Deportation

As the number of non-citizen detainees at the ICE contract facility are increasing, so, too, are the number of expedited removal proceedings.