Tag:Immigration Law

State Bill Expedites Law Enforcement’s Cooperation in U Visa Applications

With the passage of a state bill, immigrants in Colorado gain another mechanism to help ensure their stay in the country

Undocumented Coloradans in Essential Work Could Get Citizenship

Colorado’s undocumented essential workers, and those around the country, might have a path to citizenship through a bill before Congress.

The Bridge Between Medical and Legal Immigrant Assistance

A partnership between RMIAN and Denver Health seeks to form a stronger medical-legal relationship to help immigrants in detention get medical care

Technology and Social Media Increase Deportation Risks

While many Americans consider immigration enforcement a problem at the border, the influence of technology and social media has led to a street-by-street enforcement...

House Considers Immigrant Legal Defense Fund

Colorado lawmakers are considering a bill that could create a statewide fund to sponsor legal representation for immigrants

RMIAN Calls on President Biden and Governor Polis to Protect Immigrants and Refugees

The Rocky Mountain Immigrant Advocacy Network is urging President Joe Biden and Gov. Jared Polis to take action to protect immigrants

Legislators and Activists Urge for Strong Data Privacy Protection for Colorado Immigrants

After activists found information from immigrants' driver's licenses was being shared with immigration officials, a coalition of Colorado immigrant groups and legislators are hoping to change that with legislation

Federal Appeals Court Overturns Asylum Ruling

A 9th Circuit decision to grant asylum to an Indian political activist has highlighted the role of asylum in U.S. law