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Justices Appear Skeptical About Hospital Contract Requiring Patient to Pay Six-Figure ‘Sticker Price’

The Colorado Supreme Court heard arguments about hospital billing practices that left one patient on the hook for $229,000 more than expected.

Court Opinions: Colorado Supreme Court Opinions for Feb. 22

The Colorado Supreme Court abolished res gestae and concluded a bumpy Boulder sidewalk didn't pose an “unreasonable risk” to a pedestrian.

Colorado Supreme Court Abandons ‘Troublesome Relic’ of Common Law

The Colorado Supreme Court abandoned the res gestae doctrine, calling it a "troublesome relic from Colorado’s common law of evidence."

Supreme Court Says Defendant Entitled to Court-Appointed Counsel Despite Parents’ Income

The Colorado Supreme Court on Monday concluded that a defendant living rent-free with his parents may be eligible for court-appointed counsel.

Colorado Supreme Court Considers Doing Away with “Things Done”

The justices of the Colorado Supreme Court returned, wearing masks, to the courtroom at the Ralph L. Carr Colorado Judicial Center on Sept. 14 for their first in-person oral arguments in more than a year. One of the cases they heard, Rojas v. People, raises the question of whether Colorado should abolish the res gestae doctrine.

Supreme Court Says DA Can Handle Coroner’s Case Despite History of Clashes

The Colorado Supreme Court on Dec. 7 ruled in a 4-3 decision that a district attorney’s office should not have been disqualified from handling...

Colorado Supreme Court Considers Limits of Miranda Rights

Can a police officer ask a suspect about a weapon prior to reading him his rights?  The Colorado Supreme Court is considering the question in...

Oral Arguments Held in Planned Parenthood Premises Liability Case

The Colorado Supreme Court heard oral arguments March 10 in a premises liability lawsuit arising from the 2015 Planned Parenthood shooting in Colorado Springs....