What’s the Future of Legal Cannabis?: Lawmakers Reflect 10-Years After Amendment 64

Lawyers, politicians and activists gathered to mark the 10-year anniversary of Amendment 64 and discuss the future of legalization.

Court Opinions: Colorado Court of Appeals Opinions from June 30

In this case, the Colorado Court of Appeals unanimously affirmed a district court’s decision imposing a longer sentence in a Youth Offender System case.

Thomas Issues Statement on Colorado Marijuana Appeal as SCOTUS Denies Cert

A Colorado marijuana tax case was rejected by the U.S. Supreme Court, but the court released a statement pointing out patchwork legislation.

Drawing the Line on Equity and Jurisdictions in Denver Marijuana Delivery

Denver is taking a novel approach to addressing social equity in the marijuana business by opening up delivery to social equity applicants.

The Legalization Landscape

The laws around marijuana legalization are quickly changing, with states that were later to legalization now leading some policies.

Polis Pardons Pot Convictions

With the signing of an executive order on Oct. 1, Governor Jared Polis granted pardons to over 2,000 people who were convicted of possessing...

The Year in Cannabis: Stock Bubbles and Banking Troubles Among Challenges in 2019

Michael Weiner is a partner at Dorsey & Whitney, where he leads the Denver corporate group and is co-head of the firm’s cannabis practice.  The...

Not Cannabis Lawyers, Per Se

After Colorado voters approved legal retail marijuana in 2012, attorney Zane Gilmer started getting this question from his banking clients: “Can we serve cannabis...