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Colorado to Adopt NextGen Bar Exam Starting July 2028

Starting July 2028, Colorado will use a different bar exam for the first time since 2012. The NextGen bar exam will replace the UBE.

Colorado Bar Exam Returns In-Person With COVID Precautions

The February Colorado Bar Exam will be held in person next week, the first in-person bar exam since July 2020.

Bar Exams Nationwide Test New Tech, Stick to In-Person, With Uncertainty

While Colorado has made headlines for the July bar exam and the COVID-positive examinee who sat for the bar, other states have had technology...

February Bar Results Released Early by Tech Company Error

Earlier this month, takers of the February Colorado Bar Exam received notification of their scores on April 7, before the set date of April...

IAALS Announces Collaboration for New Research on Bar Exam

The average score on the Multistate Bar Exam fell to a 34-year low in July 2018, and bar exam pass rates have been mostly...