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Court Opinions: 10th Circuit Court of Appeals Opinion for Aug. 25

The 10th Circuit reversed a district court decision in a case concerning disability discrimination in prison employment.

Court Opinions: 10th Circuit Court of Appeals Opinion from June 28

The 10th Circuit upheld a district court's decision regarding summary judgement granted to CDOC employees and others.

EEOC Updates Guidance on Pandemic-Related Discrimination Against Caregivers

The EEOC released guidance on caregiver discrimination with pandemic-related examples of stereotypes and scenarios employers should avoid.

Civil Rights Organizations Sue ICE Over Detention Center Conditions

Three national civil rights organizations on Aug. 19 filed a lawsuit against the federal government, seeking to change the conditions inside immigrant detention centers...

Court Opinions- Mar 11, 2019

People v. Gonzales This case addresses the standards for authenticating an audio recording under Colorado Rule of Evidence 901. Daniel Gonzales appealed his convictions for...