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ABA Releases Ethics Opinions for June, July Covering Nonlawyer Assistants, Office Sharing

Recently, the ABA offered guidance to lawyers with nonlawyer assistants and who share office spaces with other lawyers.

Hoteling, Remote Work Likely Here to Stay for Law Firms as Some Eye Possible Four-Day Workweeks

Remote work is likely here to stay and some law offices may be leaning toward a four-day workweek in the pursuit of staff and client accommodation.

Messner Reeves Marks 28 Years with a New Space and a ‘Balance’ Mindset

Leadership said they hope to strike a balance to meet emerging challenges while attracting and retaining talent.

Culture, COVID, Compensation: The Anticipated Staffing Woes of 2023

Changes to the practice of law have altered everyday firm management. Three things linger: culture, COVID and compensation.

Lathrop GPM’s New Denver Office is Embracing the Future of Work

The future of workplaces is changing, and Lathrop GPM’s new Denver office seeks to meet new employee needs and wants.

The Entry-Level Job Market Is Healthy, But Remote Work Means Unique Challenges For Many New Lawyers

Despite fears, COVID didn’t harm the entry-level job market. But, virtual offices raise questions for new lawyers.

Midyear Updates for Colorado’s Workplaces

As summer 2021 comes to a close, there have been a number of compliance-related updates — even beyond COVID-19-related changes — to Colorado’s employment laws that employers across industries should be aware of.