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Top Litigators 2023: Jessica Prochaska

The ability to litigate cases in the complex and difficult area of sexual assault is one of the reasons Prochaska is one of Law Week Colorado’s 2023 Top Litigators. 

Court Opinion: Colorado Court of Appeals Opinion for March 2

The Colorado Court of Appeals unanimously affirmed a judgment connected to a sexual assault case.

What is the Child Sexual Abuse Accountability Act?

Early last year, a Colorado woman used a new state law to sue over an alleged sexual assault committed in 1977 – but what’s in the new law?

Class Action Filed Against Employer of Colorado Nurse Accused of Sexual Assault

Two women allegedly sexually assaulted by a nurse have filed a class action lawsuit looking to hold the hospital liable for damages.

Woman Wins $8.25 Million in Sexual Assault Lawsuit Against Former Sheriff

A legal battle has been sparked over who will pay an $8.25 million jury award to a developmentally disabled woman who was sexually assaulted by the former sheriff of Sedgwick County.

Legal Leaders Reflect on General Assembly’s New Laws, Impact on Crime

Multiple laws were passed by the Colorado General Assembly this year that could have a major impact on crime. 

Court Opinions: Colorado Court of Appeals Opinions for July 28

The Colorado Court of Appeals ruled on seven cases for the week of July 28, including issuing a ruling in People v. Lancaster.

Court Opinions: 10th Circuit Court of Appeals Opinion from July 6

The 10th Circuit upheld a man's sexual abuse and assault convictions, but ruled the district court erred in their sentencing enhancements.