The Deal With the New Deal in Colorado

The New Deal was designed to stabilize the economy during the Great Depression but what did it mean for Colorado?

Colorado Supreme Court Hears Oral Arguments on Tuesday

The Colorado Supreme Court will hear oral arguments in three cases on Tuesday, including a TABOR challenge to Colorado's new family leave law.

Supreme Court to Hear TABOR Challenge to Family Leave Program

The Colorado Supreme Court on Monday announced it will take up a lawsuit challenging Colorado's new family and medical leave program.

Kerr v. Polis, a Decade Old TABOR Challenge, Thrown Out by 10th Circuit

A split 10th Circuit Court of Appeals upheld a district court’s dismissal of a 10-year-old challenge to TABOR, but for different reasons.

The Most Recent Republican Governor of Colorado

The most recent Republican governor was former Gov. Bill Owens, who may be best known for winning his 2002 reelection by the largest majority in state history.

Colorado Supreme Court Says School Funding Bill Doesn’t Violate TABOR

The Colorado Supreme Court ruled that a bill that would raise property taxes does not require further voter approval under TABOR.

Colorado Court of Appeals Rejects TABOR Attack on Hospital Fee

Colorado avoided a devastating blow to its programs that provide access to healthcare for more than 1.5 million state residents when the Court of...

Court Opinions- Nov 09, 2020

Gomez v. JP Trucking, Inc. JP Trucking, Inc. appealed the trial court’s judgment in favor of former employees Leonel Gomez, Francisco Gonzalez, Ebarardo Sanchez and...