Colorado Attorneys React to Uber Lawsuit Settlement Involving People With Disabilities

The Department of Justice reached a settlement July 18 with Uber resolving a lawsuit alleging the company violated the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Uber Agrees to Pay More Than $1.7 Million to Resolve Lawsuit for Overcharging People with Disabilities

The DOJ announced a settlement agreement on July 18 with Uber to resolve allegations it violated the ADA with wait time charges.

Gig Economy Gets Backing From NLRB

Uber and other gig economy companies are getting encouraging opinions from federal agencies on the use of independent contractors. In an advice memo released this...

A Revised Process

Eric Voogt has worked with process servers for all of his 20 years as an attorney. And his experience with the often-frustrating status quo...

Lessons From the Waymo v. Uber Trade Secrets Trial

Just hours after the Eagles clinched their upset Super Bowl win over the Patriots, a different battle royale began in a San Francisco courtroom...