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149 Pass February 2024 Bar Exam

More than 250 test takers sat for the February 2024 bar exam and 149 passed, a 59% pass rate. Lawyers who passed can join the bar June 3.

IAALS, LSAC Launch Foundations 2.0, Addressing a Post-COVID Legal Profession Undergoing Fundamental Shifts

In a major update to its 2014 Foundations for Practice project, IAALS partnered with LSAC on Foundations 2.0.

Colorado to Adopt NextGen Bar Exam Starting July 2028

Starting July 2028, Colorado will use a different bar exam for the first time since 2012. The NextGen bar exam will replace the UBE.

Expert Weighs In: AI Passes Bar Exam

Artificial intelligence technology continues to make waves across the world including in the legal field and now it has passed a bar exam.

Colorado Bar Exam Returns In-Person With COVID Precautions

The February Colorado Bar Exam will be held in person next week, the first in-person bar exam since July 2020.

No More Remote Bar Exams, So Long as COVID Stays Low

Remote bar exams look to disappear in the future, as the National Conference of Bar Examiners released guidance stating that future bar exams will be conducted in-person and on paper — COVID and public health concerns permitting.