Colorado Public Defenders Join May Day Rally

Members of Colorado’s public defenders’ union showed up for a May Day rally at the Colorado Capital in support of the labor movement.

NLRB Signals New Push to Overturn Precedents

Jennifer Abruzzo listed 15 cases and issues for mandatory submission from the National Labor Relations Board’s offices.

New Gig Worker Act May Raise Prices, Reduce Earnings, Damage Competition

Attorneys Jennifer Harpole and Michael Lotito explain studies that may indicate the Gig Worker Transparency Act could reduce pay and increase prices.

Court Opinions: 10th Circuit Court of Appeals Opinion for Sept. 21

In this union discrimination appeal out of Kansas, the 10th Circuit affirmed the lower court’s decision to dismiss the complaint.

A Brief History of Colorado Dues Checkoffs for State Employees

The state Supreme Court in 2004 ruled state employees and labor organizations had standing to sue the governor over an executive order.

Court Opinions: 10th Circuit Court of Appeals Opinion for Aug. 22

The 10th Circuit issued an opinion in a case about whether a union needs to give accurate advice to members about legal issues.

1920 Denver Street Car Riot Ends in Two Deaths, Partial Destruction of a Denver Post Building

In 1920, a deadly strike hit Denver in what one local paper described at the time as “one of the worst riots in the city’s history.”

Hard Times Ahead for Employers Under New NLRB

The NLRB in July ruled that Scabby the Rat can be displayed at union boycotts or protests. Employers can expect more labor-friendly decisions from the labor board, which has a Democratic majority as of Aug. 27.