Five Questions with Dan Richards, DGS Partner and Civil Litigation Attorney

five questions with Dan Richards

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This week, we heard from Dan Richards, a partner and civil litigation attorney at Davis Graham & Stubbs. He represents “domestic and international corporations in complex and consequential civil lawsuits and arbitrations pending throughout the U.S.” Read more about his practice and experience in his online biography.

Question 1

If you could choose to master a musical instrument that you don’t already know how to play, which one would it be and why?

A: Blues guitar. There is just so much opportunity for creativity.

Question 2

What is your favorite clause of the Constitution and why?

A: As a trial lawyer, I am partial to the Seventh Amendment.

Question 3

Which celebrity was on the posters you had hanging on your teenage bedroom wall?

A: Acknowledging that this is somewhat nonresponsive, my parents saved the maps that came with National Geographic magazine for years before I was born. They then wallpapered my room with dozens of National Geographic maps depicting places around the world. Way better than a celebrity poster!

Question 4

What is your favorite restaurant and what’s your favorite thing to order there?

A: Uchi, and my favorite dish is the sake toro (salmon belly).

Question 5

What’s your favorite weekend activity?

A: Skiing in the winter; mountain biking in the summer.

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