Office of Judicial Ombudsman, Employer Assistance For Home Purchase Tax Credit Bills Introduced

As lawmakers near the halfway point of the session next month, more than 400 bills have been introduced. This week, lawmakers introduced a bill that would establish the office of judicial ombudsman and a selection board with various duties and responsibilities. 

A bill was also introduced that would allow a city to authorize the operation of an overdose prevention center in the city’s jurisdiction and one that would give employers a tax credit, with exceptions and caps, if they financially assist employees in purchasing homes. 

Bill Number: HB23-1202
Title: Overdose Prevention Center Authorization
Introduced: Feb. 15
Sponsors: E. Epps, J. Willford, K. Priola, J. Gonzales
Summary: The bill would allow a city to authorize the operation of an overdose prevention center within the city’s jurisdiction for the purpose of saving the lives of persons at risk of preventable overdoses. 

Bill Number: HB23-1205
Title: Office Of Judicial Ombudsman
Introduced: Feb. 15
Sponsors: M. Lynch, J. Bacon
Summary: The bill would establish the office of the judicial discipline ombudsman as an independent office in the commission on judicial discipline. The new office would be operated pursuant to a memorandum of understanding between the office and the commission. The judicial discipline ombudsman would be the director of the office. The bill would establish the judicial discipline ombudsman selection board to be made up of seven board members who would need to be appointed no later than Jan. 1, 2024. The bill also described the duties and responsibilities of the board.

Bill Number: SB23-161
Title: Financing To Purchase Firefighting Aircraft
Introduced: Feb. 15
Sponsors: S. Fenberg, P. Will, M. Lynch, J. McCluskie
Summary: The bill would direct the state, through the state treasurer, to execute a financed purchase of an asset or certificate of participation agreement in an amount not to exceed $4 million in annual payments and for a term of up to 20 years for the purchase of a Firehawk helicopter, configured for wildfire and other public safety response needs, for use by the division of fire prevention and control. 

Bill Number: HB23-1196
Title: Remedies At Law For Violating Colorado Youth Act
Introduced: Feb. 14
Sponsors: S. Lieder, T. Sullivan
Summary: The bill would amend the Colorado Youth Employment Opportunity Act of 1971 to allow aggrieved parties, including parents of children protected by the act, to pursue remedies at law and in equity for violations of the act that are not within the scope of workers’ compensation remedies.

Bill Number: HB23-1189
Title: Employer Assistance For Home Purchase Tax Credit
Introduced: Feb. 10
Sponsors: S. Bird, R. Zenzinger
Summary: The bill would create a state income tax credit for employers who make a monetary contribution to an employee so they can buy a primary residence. The amount of the credit allowed would be 5% of an employer’s contribution to an employee, but the credit is capped at $5,000 per employee per year and an employer cannot receive a credit of more than $750,000 for all contributions made in a year to employees. The bill also described other requirements and parameters.

Bill Number: HB23-1190
Title: Affordable Housing Right Of First Refusal
Introduced: Feb. 10
Sponsors: A. Boesenecker, E. Sirota, F. Winter
Summary: The bill would create a right of first refusal of a local government to match an acceptable offer for the sale of a residential or mixed-use multifamily property. Among other provisions, the right would be subject to the local government’s commitment to using the property as long-term affordable housing. 

Bill Number: HB23-1191
Title: Prohibit Corporal Punishment Of Children
Introduced: Feb. 10
Sponsors: R. English, R. Fields
Summary: The bill would prohibit a person employed by or volunteering in a public school, a state-licensed child care center, a family child care home or a specialized group facility from imposing corporal punishment on a child. The bill defines “corporal punishment” as the willful infliction of, or willfully causing the infliction of, physical pain on a child.

Bill Number: HB23-1192
Title: Additional Protections In Consumer Code
Introduced: Feb. 10
Sponsors: M. Weissman, J. Gonzales, R. Rodriguez
Summary: The bill would remove the knowingly or recklessly mental state from the general unfair or deceptive trade practice provision concerning an unfair, unconscionable, deceptive, deliberately misleading, false or fraudulent act or practice. Among other updates and provisions, it would also establish as a deceptive trade practice the act of including in a contract offered to or entered into with a consumer a term that is substantially unconscionable or void as against public policy.

Bill Number: HB23-1193
Title: Voluntary American Citizenship Notation On State IDs
Introduced: Feb. 10
Sponsors: R. Holtorf
Summary: On and after Jan. 1, 2024, the bill would allow an applicant who is applying for, renewing or replacing a driver’s license or a state identification card to voluntarily submit proof of national citizenship status.

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