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Durango students after classmate’s overdose death inspire Narcan bill at Colorado Legislature

Students in Colorado would be expressly allowed to carry drug overdose reversal medication on campus and at school activities under a bill working its way through the Legislature, a policy that advocates say is a reasonable application of harm reduction thinking.

Bills to Increase Compensation for DAs, Allow Opiate Antagonists on School Buses Introduced in First Week of Session

Colorado lawmakers hit the ground running last week, introducing more than 160 bills in the first week of session.

Office of Judicial Ombudsman, Employer Assistance For Home Purchase Tax Credit Bills Introduced

A bill that would establish the office of judicial ombudsman and a selection board with various duties and responsibilities was introduced.

Remote Access to Criminal Court Proceedings, Low-Income Housing Tax Exemption Bills Introduced

Lawmakers introduced a bill that would require courts to have remote public access to criminal court proceedings, with various exceptions.

Proof of Intent Required to Convict Doctors Under CSA, Supreme Court Rules

The court overturned two opinions by appeals courts, including one by the 10th Circuit, and ruled prosecutors must prove a doctor's intent.

Fentanyl Bill Passes First Committee Vote with Amendments Following Emotional Hearing

A bill to address the fentanyl crisis passed its first committee vote on Wednesday with amendments to add harsher penalties for possession.

Legislative Look Ahead: Fentanyl, Consent and Youth Interrogations Among Criminal Law Topics to Watch at Capitol

The 2022 legislative session is likely to bring criminal justice-related bills on fentanyl, witness intimidation and youth interrogations.

Legal Lasso: Commission Releases Draft of New Congressional Map

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