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Court Opinions: Colorado Court of Appeals Opinions for Jan. 4

The Colorado Court of Appeals released two opinions on Jan. 4, including two novel issues.

Court Opinion: 10th Circuit Court of Appeals Opinion for Nov. 15

The 10th Circuit affirmed a district court ruling that denied three Aurora Police Officers qualified immunity.

Court Opinions: 10th Circuit Court of Appeals Opinions for Sept. 12

The 10th Circuit Court of Appeals made multiple rulings Sept. 12.

Trial Starts Against Denver Police Over Use of Force in 2020 Protests

A lawsuit against the Denver Police Department for use of force during the George Floyd protests had its first day at trial on Monday.

Parents of Elijah McClain Reach Settlement in Principle with Aurora

Attorneys for the family of Elijah McClain announced on Monday they have reached a settlement in principle with the City of Aurora in a civil rights lawsuit, but the city said the parents must complete a separate allocation process before it can sign a settlement agreement.

Aurora Police Routinely Uses Excessive Force and Engages in Racist Policing, According to AG Report

The Aurora Police Department has a pattern of racially biased policing according to results of an investigation by the AG’s office

Elijah McClain Investigation Team Makes Recommendations for Police Reform

Investigators found Aurora police were not legally justified in their restraint of Elijah McClain according to a report released Monday.