Colorado Supreme Court Clarifies What Structures are a “Building” for Purposes of Waiver of CGIA Immunity

Spencer Fane partner Jacob Hollars explains the details of a recent Colorado Supreme Court opinion that addressed CGIA immunity.

State Supreme Court Allows Lawsuit Over Sheriff’s ‘ICE Hold’ to Proceed

The Colorado Supreme Court on Monday allowed a lawsuit alleging false imprisonment to proceed against El Paso County Sheriff Bill Elder.

Court Opinions: Colorado Supreme Court Opinions for Feb. 22

The Colorado Supreme Court abolished res gestae and concluded a bumpy Boulder sidewalk didn't pose an “unreasonable risk” to a pedestrian.

Supreme Court to Hear Water Rights, Sovereign Immunity and Insurance Cases

The Colorado Supreme Court will return to remote proceedings on Tuesday for its first oral arguments of 2022.

Colorado Supreme Court to Hear Arguments at Arvada School

The Colorado Supreme Court will hold oral arguments on Oct. 26 at Pomona High School in Arvada as part of the Judicial Branch’s Courts in the Community program.

Colorado Supreme Court to Hear Convicted Murderer’s Case for Recovering Seized Property

The Colorado Supreme Court on Aug. 16 agreed it will hear a case from pro se appellant James Woo, who alleges the Colorado Governmental Immunity Act violates his due process rights by barring his attempt to recover property seized during his arrest.

Court Opinions- Nov 23, 2020

Cisneros v. Elder In this action, Saul Cisneros sought money damages for having been wrongfully held in the El Paso County jail after his daughter...

Supreme Court Hears Arguments in Government Immunity Cases

The Colorado Supreme Court on Oct. 13 heard arguments in two cases that shed light on the tension between the Colorado Anti-Discrimination Act and...