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2024 Top Litigators: Tyrone Glover

Tyrone Glover has already built two storied careers in law and MMA, and there’s still more to come from his legal one.

Colorado Could Become the First State with In-Person Voting in All of its Jails

The Colorado Criminal Justice Reform Coalition is working to create a statewide in-person voting program in all Colorado jails.

Boulder Attorney John Echohawk Recognized for Career of Civil Rights Work

John Echohawk’s career on the front lines of civil rights litigation for Native Americans was recognized by the American Bar Association.

Federal Pro Se Clinic Launches Pilot Program for Colorado Prisoners

A clinic for people representing themselves in Colorado’s federal court has plans to expand its reach to serve incarcerated litigants.

Supreme Court Finds First Amendment Trumps Colorado Public Accommodation Law Protections

The Supreme Court ruled the Colorado Anti-Discrimination Act can’t compel a website designer to make custom wedding sites for LGBTQ+ clients.

Colorado Law Conference Brings Together Legal Minds to Discuss U.S. Supreme Court

Legal experts recently came together for a conference in Colorado focused on the U.S. Supreme Court and “The Role of States in the Midst of Federal Court Crisis.”

LGBTQ+ Family Law in Colorado: Looking Back and Looking Forward

For attorneys who represent LGBTQ+ clients and families, standard family law matters can require creative thinking.

ACLU Colorado Names Arnold & Porter’s Tim Macdonald as Legal Director

The ACLU of Colorado has named longtime Arnold & Porter’s Denver attorney Tim Macdonald as its new legal director.