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DCP Midstream Settlement Announced, Resolving Clean Air Act Violations

Federal and state entities announced a settlement with DCP Operating Company LP and five other subsidiaries of DCP Midstream LP.

Diesel Trucking Companies Plead Guilty to Conspiring to Violate Clean Air Act

Two diesel companies pleaded guilty to conspiring with a Colorado-based diesel shop to violate the Clean Air Act.

10th Circuit Rules in Cases About Robocalls, Air Pollution and American Samoa Citizenship

The 10th Circuit ruled in a handful of cases last week, including challenges to robocalls and the citizenship status of American Samoans.

Supreme Court Closes Term with Environmental Law Cases

The U.S. Supreme Court closed its 2020-2021 oral argument calendar by hearing three environmental disputes

Biden Administration Expected to Bring Change to Environmental Policy

Joe Biden's EPA will face a daunting task in restoring the nation’s system of environmental regulation and confronting a climate crisis.

CU Brings in Environmental Clinical Professor

JonathanSkinner-Thompson joined the University of Colorado Law School this year as its only new faculty member. Appointed as associate clinical professor, Skinner-Thompson has already...

EPA’s COVID-19 Enforcement Policy ‘Not a License to Pollute’

The Environmental Protection Agency on March 26 announced a temporary policy of relaxed enforcement of some environmental legal obligations due to COVID-19.  The policy, which...

Could Zero-Emission Mandates Be on the Bubble?

Last week, Colorado’s Air Quality Control Commission approved a compromise to adopt California’s zero-emission vehicle requirements after a hearing that lasted from Tuesday to...