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The 1937 ‘Microphone Scandal’: When an Attorney, Reporter, Restaurant Inspector Bugged the Governor’s Office

In 1937, a special grand jury convened in Denver to investigate what news outlets called the “Microphone Scandal.”

To Sue an Almost Assassin’s Therapist

Colorado plaintiffs in 1983 sued the psychiatrist treating John Hinckley Jr. at the time of his attempted assassination of former Pres. Ronald Reagan.

Discriminatory Juror Strike Reverses a 1997 Attempted Murder Conviction

A February state Supreme Court ruling that a juror was dismissed for improper reasons sent a 1997 rape and attempted murder case back to trial.

Former Idaho Governor and Cripple Creek Mine Owner Assassinated Following Colorado Labor Wars

Frank Steunenberg, the owner of the Cripple Creek Mine, was assassinated by dynamite in 1905 shortly after the conclusion of the Colorado Labor Wars.

This Week in History: Colorado Repeals the Death Penalty, Commutes Sentences of Nathan Dunlap Plus Others

The 1999 Columbine High School shooting shocked the nation but before that heinous crime was another that ended in four deaths in 1993.

The Case Law Behind DNA Tests

The Colorado Supreme Court in 1993 weighed in for the first time in the state about the admissibility of certain DNA evidence. Just two...

1988 Bank Robbery Ends in Televised Chase and Deaths

Years before O.J. Simpson’s famed 1994 car chase, a Colorado police pursuit was one of the first ever recorded police chases. Phillip Hutchinson’s 1988...