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The Chief Justice Who Opposed Suspension of Habeas Corpus During Colorado Labor Wars

Then-Justice Robert Steele was the only judge to dissent to the suspension of habeas corpus during the Colorado Labor Wars.

The Holes in the Hat

Stuart Garfield Mace was a Colorado photojournalist who captured the Ludlow Massacre in 1914 and the Denver street car riots in 1920.

1920 Denver Street Car Riot Ends in Two Deaths, Partial Destruction of a Denver Post Building

In 1920, a deadly strike hit Denver in what one local paper described at the time as “one of the worst riots in the city’s history.”

The Explosive Finale of an Idaho Springs Miner Strike: A brief look at the Colorado Labor Wars

The Western Federation of Miners ignited a wave of union strikes across the state between 1896 and the early 1900s - but the strike at the Sun and Moon mine was perhaps the most deadly.