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The Deal With the New Deal in Colorado

The New Deal was designed to stabilize the economy during the Great Depression but what did it mean for Colorado?

Colorado Senate Minority Leader Chris Holbert Announces Resignation

Senate Minority Leader Chris Holbert on May 2 announced his resignation from the Colorado Senate effective May 31.

2022 Legislative Preview – Spending Federal Funds to Rule Agenda and November Elections Will Loom

Sarah Mercer, a shareholder at Brownstein, gives a 2022 legislative preview at the start of the second regular session of the 73rd General Assembly.

Barrel Racer, Legislator, ‘Hootenanny’ Enthusiast: Kathy Arnold’s Legacy

Kathy Arnold accomplished a lot in her time in the legislature, becoming the first woman chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee and sponsoring bills to improve the lives of children in the state.