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Denver lawyer announces primary challenge to state Rep. Elisabeth Epps

Two Democrats are now challenging Rep. Elisabeth Epps in the primary next year for House District 6 as lawyer Sean Camacho announced his candidacy on Wednesday.

‘A Woman’s Place is in the House’: The Legislative Legacy of Rep. Pat Schroeder

Pat Schroeder, who died this week at age 82, was known for her sharp wit and fierce advocacy for equal rights, health care and family leave.

John Gunnell’s Legislative Legacy

In 1881, John Gunnell became the first Black state lawmaker. The Denver Republican faced intense opposition and racism while he served in the House.

Abortion, Evictions, Recidivism, Court Data Sharing, Gig Work Bills Introduced

Lawmakers took aim this week at abolishing abortion, eviction protections, recidivism, court data sharing, gig work and more.

The Deal With the New Deal in Colorado

The New Deal was designed to stabilize the economy during the Great Depression but what did it mean for Colorado?

Colorado Senate Minority Leader Chris Holbert Announces Resignation

Senate Minority Leader Chris Holbert on May 2 announced his resignation from the Colorado Senate effective May 31.

The Lawyer-Turned-Legislator Who First Tackled Racial Discrimination in Colorado

Joseph H. Stuart was the first Black legislator in Colorado and introduced a bill to ensure equal access to public places for all.