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The 1937 ‘Microphone Scandal’: When an Attorney, Reporter, Restaurant Inspector Bugged the Governor’s Office

In 1937, a special grand jury convened in Denver to investigate what news outlets called the “Microphone Scandal.”

To Sue an Almost Assassin’s Therapist

Colorado plaintiffs in 1983 sued the psychiatrist treating John Hinckley Jr. at the time of his attempted assassination of former Pres. Ronald Reagan.

James Genrich to Get a New Trial in 1991 Pipe Bombing Case

A judge on July 10 ordered a new trial for James Genrich, who was convicted in 1993 of detonating pipe bombs in Grand Junction.

The 1981 Constitutionality Case Against the Second-Degree Murder Statute

In 1981, the state Supreme Court needed to determine if the state’s second-degree murder statute was unconstitutional.

Charges Filed in 1996 Denver Cold Case

The Denver District Attorney’s Office announced Feb. 24 a cold case arrest was made in the 1996 murder of Terri Turachak.

Unsolved: The 2008 Murder of Adams County Chief Deputy DA Sean May

The 2008 murder of beloved Adams County Chief Deputy District Attorney Sean May remains unsolved, but May’s legacy is long lasting.

The 1908 Communion Killer

In February 1908, reported anarchist Guiseppe Alia murdered Father Leo Heinrichs as he gave communion at a church in Denver.

Colorado Cold Case Gets Arrest a Decade Later

Earlier this year, the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office arrested Joel Hollendorfer in connection with the decade-old cold case murder of Kara Nichols.