Distance Remains on Colorado River Basin Water Sharing Deal

Representatives from the Colorado River Basin states agreed cuts were needed, but not on how they should be done.

Court Opinions: US Supreme Court Opinions for April 17

The U.S. Supreme Court vacated a judgment in a Title VII case, finding when courts demand proof of “significant” harm, it adds words to the statute.

Court Opinion: Colorado Supreme Court Opinion for Dec. 19

The Colorado Supreme Court released one opinion Dec. 19 involving former President Trump’s eligibility to appear on the Colorado Republican presidential primary ballot in 2024.

‘A Woman’s Place is in the House’: The Legislative Legacy of Rep. Pat Schroeder

Pat Schroeder, who died this week at age 82, was known for her sharp wit and fierce advocacy for equal rights, health care and family leave.

A Brief History of the Era of ERA

Just a few years after it was introduced, the Equal Rights Amendment appeared on the chopping block in the state’s 1976 ballot.

Congress Ponders Whether to Add More U.S. District Judges as Caseloads Rise

With rising cases, Congressional leaders debate adding new District Judges to courtrooms around the country.

CU Law’s Spencer Gives Insights on History of Voting Rights in U.S., Part Two

Law Week talked to Doug Spencer about the Voting Rights Act in a two-part discussion on a recent Supreme Court ruling.

Congress Considers Civics Education Legislation

Bipartisan legislation recently introduced in Congress aims to improve civics education across the nation, similar to a Colorado state bill.