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Colorado Attorneys for the Arts Work to Protect and Assist Colorado’s Creative Industries

For creatives, artists and musicians, organizations like CAFTA are vital to access legal educational materials and resources.

Copyright, Contract Law and Intellectual Property Combine in ‘Publishing Law’ Niche Practice Area

Lawyers are often called upon to iron out details in contracts, copyright and intellectual property for books, and sometimes are needed again to negotiate adaptations as the practice continually expands.

The Legal Work Behind Video Games

According to legal experts, video game law can be challenging as many practice areas overlap and blend together in unusual ways.

Despite Pandemic, Colorado Film World Looks Optimistically to Post-COVID Future

Despite being a small bench of attorneys, Colorado’s film industry attorneys have plenty of work across a vast range of clients, budgets and film...

Art and Law

Many lawyers work in transactional law. But while many work with documents for businesses, the lawyers at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science...