Bill to Require Forensic Reporting Standards for Parental Responsibilities Allocation Investigators Introduced

Lawmakers introduced a bill that would require parental responsibilities allocation investigators to adhere to certain standards.

Colorado bill would ban guns at public parks, hospitals, other ‘sensitive places’

A Colorado bill would ban firearms from 19 locations defined as “sensitive” spaces.

AG Weiser Joins Coalition Defending Gun Safety Laws

AG Weiser joins 18 other attorneys general in an amicus brief defending a large-capacity magazine gun safety law in the District of Columbia.

Expert Advice: New Colorado Gun Laws

The Colorado legislature has a Democratic supermajority and a slew of laws were passed related to a variety of topics including guns. 

Legal Lasso: Legislature Moves on Gun Violence Prevention

Legal Lasso is Law Week’s morning roundup of legal headlines across the state. Each morning, we take stock of legal issues and happenings, so...

9th Circuit Creates Open Carry Confusion

Much of the western U.S. — a region often portrayed as historically defined by firearms — may now be the only part of the...