State Bill Special Report: Immigration

This special bill report is courtesy of State Bill Colorado, a product of our publisher Circuit Media.

The Colorado Legal Reform Alliance Works to Improve the State’s Business Climate

The Colorado Legal Reform Alliance works to bring law firms together with businesses to improve the state’s business climate.

Experience in criminal justice system should inform Colorado policy, stakeholders say

People who have been affected by the criminal legal system should have more opportunity to influence the formation of criminal justice policy in Colorado, stakeholders said during a meeting Monday.

Gov. Polis Calls a Special Legislative Session Nov. 17

Ahead of the special session of the 74th General Assembly, Gov. Polis urged lawmakers to provide property tax relief to Coloradans.

Legal Experts Weigh in on Colorado Housing Issues

It was an interesting 2023 legislative session for housing in Colorado as the state continues to deal with a shortfall. 

Legal Leaders Reflect on Colorado General Assembly’s Impact on Criminal Law

It was a busy year for the Colorado General Assembly in 2023 that had a major impact on criminal law.

What the POWR Act Means for Colorado Employers

The POWR Act was signed into law this week and will impact workplace discrimination claims, employer obligations and more.

Public Defenders Union Petition Hopes to Allocate Funding Boost to Core Staff

Most recently, DUC circulated a petition with the hope of reducing pay gaps for staff ahead of the office’s legislative budget request.