Supreme Court Overrules Colorado’s Standard for Determining ‘True Threat’ Mens Rea

The U.S. Supreme Court found a reckless standard should be used to determine mens rea in true threat determinations.

Court Opinions: Colorado Supreme Court Opinions for June 12

The Colorado Supreme Court made multiple rulings June 12 including in harassment and Fifth Amendment cases.

Supreme Court Dives Into Mens Rea, Online Context in Colorado Appeal on ‘True Threats’

At oral argument, the nine justices of the U.S. Supreme Court pressed attorneys on how to define true threats from a Colorado appeal.

Argument Previews: Colorado ‘True Threat’ Appeal Goes to SCOTUS

The U.S. Supreme Court April 19 will hear oral arguments for an appeal out of state court over what’s considered a “true threat.”

Murder, ‘Revenge Porn’ Cases to be Heard by Colorado Supreme Court in April

The Colorado Supreme Court will hear six cases April 4-5 on topics including double jeopardy in a murder case and a "revenge porn" case.

U.S. Supreme Court to Hear Colorado Case Over Online Threats

The U.S. Supreme Court agreed to hear a Colorado man’s appeal which asked how courts should analyze someone’s subjective intent with threats.

Court Opinions: Colorado Court of Appeals Opinions for Sept. 2

Colorado Court of Appeals issued opinions for two cases on Sept. 2 including a case that involved the state's revenge porn statute.

Court Opinions: Colorado Court of Appeals Opinions for July 22

The Court of Appeals on July 22 ruled in People v. Counterman, People v. Barajas, People in Interest of N.D.O. and others.