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House Select Committee Seeks Trump White House and Other Records Relating to Insurrection

The U.S. House Select Committee seeks documentation and records related to January 6 attack on U.S. Capitol

WOTUS Odyssey, Part 2: Obama and Trump Take Different Paths, Biden Makes Third Effort

On June 7 regulatory agencies acknowledged a need to repeal NWPR to make improvements in the regulatory definition of WOTUS.

WOTUS Odyssey, Part I: Supreme Court Creates Confusion Over Waters of the U.S. Reach

The EPA and Army Corps of Engineers will soon attempt again to clarify the reach of their regulatory power over U.S. waterways.

Unprecedented Ouster at NLRB a Sign of Things to Come

It has been a dramatic few weeks at the National Labor Relations Board. On his first day in office, President Joe Biden fired Trump-appointed...

Biden Administration Expected to Bring Change to Environmental Policy

Joe Biden's EPA will face a daunting task in restoring the nation’s system of environmental regulation and confronting a climate crisis.

WilmerHale Partner Talks About ‘Extraordinary Moment’ of High Activity From State AGs

Twenty-seven of 50 states currently have Democratic attorneys general, and under the Trump administration, they’re making noise. They’ve filed lawsuits against the president for...

No ‘Safe Industry’

After Immigration and Customs Enforcement arrested about 680 workers across Mississippi in a coordinated immigration sting in early August, it had immigrants and employers...

NLRB Issues Wide-Ranging Summer Decisions

Labor standard revisions — many of them favorable to employers — continue to trickle out of the National Labor Relations Board under the Trump administration....