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EEOC Sues Diagnostics Company Over Alleged Age Discrimination

EEOC filed a lawsuit in Colorado federal court claiming Exact Sciences Laboratories didn’t hire a prospective employee based on his age.

Legal Insight: Proposed Job Application Fairness Act

A bill introduced in the Colorado general assembly in January could have a major impact on how potential employees apply for jobs.

EEOC Updates Guidance on Pandemic-Related Discrimination Against Caregivers

The EEOC released guidance on caregiver discrimination with pandemic-related examples of stereotypes and scenarios employers should avoid.

Local Lawyers Win Settlement in Religious Discrimination Case

Colorado lawyers recently won a settlement for a Wyoming woman who alleged her former employer forced her to participate in Scientology religious practices.  Denver attorney...

Bendinelli Law Firm Pays $30,000 in EEOC Settlement

A Colorado personal injury firm agreed to a settlement in a pregnancy discrimination lawsuit filed by the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.  The Bendinelli Law...

Avoiding a Stalemate

Mediators might have one of the toughest jobs of them all — getting two entrenched sides of a dispute to come to the table...

Court Opinions- Jan 08, 2018

United States v. Stine In August 2015, Mikeal Stine was convicted by a jury on two counts of threatening a U.S. Magistrate Judge and one...