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Where the Death Penalty Stands Now Across U.S.

Colorado repealed the death penalty in 2020, but across the nation there are 27 states that have it in place.

Rehabilitation Act Celebrates 50 Years

The 50th anniversary of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 was reflected upon by the U.S. Justice Department Sept. 26. 

Justices Hear Colorado Web Designer’s Public Accommodation First Amendment Appeal

The case could have sweeping impacts on the legal definition of speech and the reach of class-based discrimination protections.

The Justice Crisis in the U.S. ‘From Data to System Reform’

IAALS on Nov. 10 hosted a webinar discussing how to use key data from the U.S. Justice Needs survey to spark systemic changes.

The ‘Access to Justice in the United States’ Study Documents Insights into the Justice Crisis

IAALS and HiiL highlighted results of a nationwide study on access to justice during a webinar presentation as part of the Paths to Justice Summit Series on Nov. 3.