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Southern Utah Drag Stars Challenge the City of St. George’s Censorship of Performances

Local drag stars filed a lawsuit against the city of St. George, Utah where they want to produce a family friendly drag event.

10th Circuit Affirms Terrorism Convictions Despite Challenges Over Surveillance, Trial Delays

The 10th Circuit upheld a Colorado man's terrorism convictions, rejecting his argument that the government unconstitutionally spied on him.

Supreme Court Declines to Block Texas Heartbeat Act in Blow to Abortion Access

The Supreme Court, in a narrow, late-night vote on Wednesday, rejected a request to block Texas’ restrictive new abortion law.

Judge Orders Weld County Jail to Increase Inmate Protections

Federal Judge Phillip Brimmer in a 39-page ruling required Weld County Sheriff Steve Reams to provide special protection to medically vulnerable inmates in the...

The Implications of Social Contact Tracing

Just as the U.S. economy won’t immediately spring back from the damage done by the coronavirus, companies won’t return straight to normal operations after...

Face Value

Facial recognition technology has proliferated over the past decade, and so have its critics. In the past year, eight cities have voted to take...

Another Try at Bail Reform

A bipartisan group of lawmakers will make another attempt to reform pretrial release this legislative session. The new bill, to be introduced in the...

Employers Wait for SCOTUS Title VII Ruling on Gender Identity, Sexual Orientation

When Congress passed the Civil Rights Act of 1964, LGBTQ rights probably weren’t a flicker in lawmakers’ minds. The Stonewall uprisings wouldn’t happen for...