CBA Ethics Committee Releases Opinion on Succession Planning

The Colorado Bar Association's Ethics Committee released an opinion Jan. 18 about ethical considerations in succession planning.

Colorado Bar Association Begins in 1897

The Colorado Bar Association was founded in 1897.

CBA’s Education Arm Celebrates 52 Years, Looks Toward the Future

Since it was founded in 1971, CBA CLE has become an essential education resource in Colorado’s legal community.

Leveling the Playing Field: A Survey of Colorado Lawyers Illuminates a Problem Hiding in Plain Sight

Local lawyer Daniel Culhane details findings from a community legal survey in partnership with the Colorado Bar Association focusing on possible large-firm advantages related to discovery and disclosure.

Colorado Bar Association Reflects on Strong Year

It’s been a busy year for the Colorado Bar Association and 2023 is expected to be no different.

Edwin Hackley’s Legacy ‘Battling Racism and Second-Class Status’

Edwin Hackley, Colorado's first Black lawyer, struggled to build a local practice but used his voice in publishing to speak out against racism.

CBA and CJI Announce New Co-Chair to Diversity on the Bench Coalition

Christine Hernández was appointed co-chair for the CBA|CJI Diversity on the Bench Coalition, the organizations announced on Dec. 1.

Legal Ethics and Professional Responsibilities for Transaction Lawyers: CBA-CLE Education Event

The Colorado Bar Association on Nov. 30 hosted a CLE, “Ethics for Transactional Lawyers.” The CLE program covered rules of conduct for lawyers