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Fentanyl Bill Stalls in Senate Judiciary Committee After Testimony and Opposition Rally

With two weeks left in session at the Colorado GA, the clock to pass one of this year's most watched bills is ticking.

Legislative Look Ahead: Fentanyl, Consent and Youth Interrogations Among Criminal Law Topics to Watch at Capitol

The 2022 legislative session is likely to bring criminal justice-related bills on fentanyl, witness intimidation and youth interrogations.

Pandemic Drove Historic Lows for Prisoner and Parolee Rates

Prisoner and parole populations in Colorado and the U.S. hit historic lows in 2020, but local predictions expect a steady bounce-back.

CCJRC Report Shows Inequities in Colorado Victim Services

Findings from a recent CCJRC report show the state has inequities in victims services program leadership and service demographics.

DA Candidates Offer Differing Views on Crime

The contenders to be the next top prosecutor in the state’s most populous judicial district participated in a wide-ranging debate Wednesday evening and staked...